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Foxton Statistics

Foxton Locks Statistics 2022
➢  2022 saw a 22% increase in boat traffic with 4,211 boats. The busiest days being Friday 7th and 14th July each having 29 boats. Busiest months for boat traffic, as expected, were June 517, July 607 and August 596.
Annual CRT Lockage Report 2022
Foxton Locks Statistics 2021
➢  We have seen a change in that we are getting tourists outside of the usual season. We estimate there were around 400,000 visitors in 2021.
➢  With regards to boat numbers in 2021 you may recall there was a period of essential travel only, shorter opening hours due to reservoir maintenance and various changes due to Covid. So, you may expect boat numbers to be significantly reduced. However, staycation may have helped to balance out numbers a little.
➢  In total there were 3440 boat movements through Foxton in 2021. This means we are down by approximately 200 to 300 boats travelling though the flight, but given all the obstacles in the year I think it’s a positive number.
Annual CRT Lockage Report 2021
Annual CRT Lockage Report 2020
Annual CRT Lockage Report 2019
Annual CRT Lockage Report 2018
Foxton Locks Statistics 2018
➢  4094 boats for the year
➢  Busiest day of 2018 was 4th July with 31 boats total
➢  503 boats down on 2017
➢  5 new pairs of gates manufactured at Stanley Ferry Workshop in West
➢  Each pair of gates takes between 4 and 10 days to make due to the lack
of gate furniture such as paddles. Bottom gates like 17 bottom would
take a couple of days longer
➢  Each pair costs £25,000 to build and is measured individually for the lock
it is destined for, using imperial measurements
➢  Each gate weighs in at 1.5 tons, 3 tons per pair
➢  Each gate is made of Seasoned English Oak
➢  Each lock uses 108,000 litres of water
➢  Over 442 Million litres of water taken downhill last year through boat
traffic alone
➢  On average in summer (April to September) a Lock Keeper will walk
around 6 miles on our site. For ‘Summer Hours’ last year that equates to over 4,100 miles. That’s the same as Penzance to John O’ Groats and back again! Two and half times!
➢  We had 1992 boats up last year, with the height difference from top to bottom, we’ve moved boats collectively over 146 times the height of the Shard in London
➢  With 22 gates and 22 paddles on site we’ve had over 89,500 paddle / gate operations on this site alone!
In February 2018 we delivered the second largest ever open locks weekend with over 5,879 visitors. 
We also had lots of media coverage for this event including ITV central news, BBC East Midlands Today, BBC online. BBC radio Leicester, Leicester Mercury and Harborough FM.
Annual CRT Lockage Report 2018
4,597 Boats Came Through Foxton Locks in 2017
View 2017 daily figures
Annual CRT Lockage Report 2017
4,045 Boats Came Through Foxton Locks in 2016
Boat Movements
2014 Total Movements

Foxton Hidden Treasure

During Winter 2018 Maintenance and Drain Down

Whilst the flight has been empty we have been able to uncover some weird and wonderful items. The list of what we have found is as follows:

3 iPhones, a digital camera, a dinner plate, a laptop, a vintage boat hook, a paddle rack and paddle plate, a debit card, a car battery, some solar lights, a pair of child’s sunglasses, a pair of sunglasses, a thermos mug, 3 mugs, a spirit level, a tape measure, a chimney cap, 4 lamp irons, a pie of spare piling, a water valve, a washing machine cold water pipe, an A board from the museum, 3 Walsh aluminium windlasses, a steel windlass, the missing gate cap off number 12’s bottom gate, 5 pint glasses, a blanket, a vent from the door of a boat, a shield from the bottom of our fence posts, an umbrella, the missing brick from the end of the waterfall weir, 2 dollars 50 cents in Canadian money, 12 pence in UK sterling, a stapler, a 1960s Coca Cola bottle, 4 beer bottles, a child’s scooter, an anode, 2 navigation lights, the missing aluminium extension to the drag, 4 golf balls, a paint tin...

... and 84 fenders!! 

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