As locks can be very busy, please allow yourself plenty of time to ensure passage.
You must book in with the lock keeper who will advise when you can enter the flight.

It takes approximately 45 minutes to pass through the flight and you must be through the flight by the time of closure. 
Last boat will be allowed to enter the flight 45 minutes prior to closure.


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Water points

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Pubs in Foxton Village


Foxton Locks passage up or down is approximately 45 minutes



Foxton bottom to Market Harborough     5.5 miles, 2 swing bridges,   2.5 hours



Foxton top to Welford Basin                     9 miles,  1 lock,                   3.75 hours

Foxton top to Crick                                 19 miles,  1 tunnel,                7.25 hours

Foxton top to Watford Locks Top            20 miles, 1 tunnel,                 8.5 hours

Foxton top to Norton Junction                23 miles,  2 tunnels, 7 locks, 10 hours 



Foxton bottom to Leicester                     18 miles, 1 tunnel,  24 locks, 11.5 hours 


Above calculations are approximate. For more details go to


Come in and browse in our pre-loved bookshop next to the cafe at the top lock cottage. All proceeds help improved Foxton Locks.

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All boats wishing to traverse the locks must book in with the lock keeper who will record the boat name and time in her/his book. The lock keeper could be anywhere on the flight or at quiet times, having a quick cuppa in the lock cottage next to the top lock. Knock and call for the lock keeper.


Until you are booked in, you will not be in the queue. It takes 45 minutes to traverse the flight and you must be through by closing time.


The lock keeper will manage the flow of boats up and down the locks in the most efficient manner possible to ensure minimum delay to boaters and prevent the waste of precious water.


During busy periods, a several hour wait may occur so ensure you arrive in plenty of time.



Foxton locks are a unique experience for boaters and spectators alike but does pose some challenges.


On weekends and holidays there will be literally hundreds of visitors crowding around the locks to watch the boats. This creates difficulties for crew working the locks and extra care must be taken to ensure that spectators are not in the way when winding paddles or opening gates.


Foxton Locks are manned during opening hours by lock keepers. Please ensure that you listen to their instructions and follow them carefully to avoid any issues especially around the middle pound which is liable to flooding if not managed correctly.


Dont forget windlass' can be dangerous. Always use the small square on the winding gear spindle, ensure the safety is on when winding the paddle up and that you remove the windlass from the paddle gear when you are not winding the gear. Take care when letting the paddle down to ensure that you do not let the windlass slip which can cause serious injury.

How the Red and White paddles move the water (Top to middle and then repeats on lower locks

Foxton Lock Operation.png